“Mal de Tierra”


“Mal de Tierra” is the testimony of three years by the course of the subconscious through the act of shooting. This book narrates a symbolic journey towards perceptive limits previously unknown to the artist. The images show a relationship with this strangeness and the interpretation about the fragile line that separates the material environment from the subjective sensibility, the real from the imaginary.

Contains a selection of photographs taken between 2014 and 2016 with an essay by Víctor Balcells.

“Mal de Tierra” by Lluís Tudela
Edited and designed by Manu Rodriguez
Hard cover
88 pp
148 x 210 mm

2nd Edition of 80 copies by Vlad Books, December 2018. AVAILABLE

1st Edition of 120 copies by Clandestine Books, April 2018. SOLD OUT